OGX Kukui Oil Range | Review

If you're familiar with me or my blog, you may have realised by now that I'm a sucker for trying out new haircare products, but I know as well as anyone that finding products that work well for your hair type isn't always as easy as you'd like it to be. Recently, I've been treating my hair to the Kukui Oil Shampoo and Conditioner by OGX Beauty and my hair has been loving it!

I've been a fan of OGX haircare for years and have tried out a handful of their ranges but this is the first time that I've tried out the Kukui Oil range. This shampoo and conditioner duo is formulated to 
hydrate your hair & eliminate frizz, sounds like a win win to me (especially considering how dry and naturally textured my hair is)! 

This range centres around the oil from the Hawaiian Kukui Nut Tree, which is really hydrating and locks in moisture as well as leaving the hair glossy and lightweight. The shampoo & conditioner are quite thick in terms of consistency but they don’t weigh down the hair. While I've been using the Kukui Oil range, my hair has   looking and feeling a lot healthier than it usually does and feels clean, bouncy and silky smooth - it works really well if your hair is quite dry and you're prone to frizz and flyaways.

As a brand, I think OGX are great & have a lot to offer to suit different hair types. It's nice to know that you can get high quality products, which make your hair feel fabulous without the salon sized price tag. The shampoo and conditioner retail at £6.99, which is pretty reasonable considering you get  385ml of product per bottle. If you have coloured hair or have an irritable scalp, it's nice to know that this range is SLS free. Overall, this shampoo and condition get a big thumbs up from me, and I'm looking forward to trying out the Kukui Oil Hydrating Oil and Curl Cream at some point.

Have you tried this range from OGX, or do you have another one you usually go for? Which ones your favourite?

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  1. My Favourite is the OGX Organix Argan Oil of Morocco Conditioner and shampoo, it helped grow my hair when i made a stupid mistake �� it also smells amazing, however it did make my hair more greasy than usual.