Happy New Year | 17 Goals for 2017

Hello and Happy New Year!

I hope 2016 was a good year for you and that 2017 is even better. To kick things off, I thought I'd set myself some goals/resolutions in the first blogpost of the new year.

Here goes...

1) Focus on myself
This one may seem a bit vague but I want to make 2017 my year of 'self love'. Self love can mean many different things to different people, but for me, it's anything from working towards looking & feeling more put together more often to doing more of what's best for me and makes me happy. Typically, I'm someone who puts others before myself but it's just as important to make time for yourself and that's something I need to work on.

2) Do more, think less
Self doubt is one of the things I struggle with the most and because I spend too much time worrying about things, I've let it get in the way and missed out on numerous opportunities because a silly little voice in my head got the best of me. I'm not letting it stand in my way anymore. 
Remember, you only fail if you don't try.

3) Find my work-life balance
Since I was thrown into a very hands-on internship turned full time job, I struggled to find the balance between my professional and personal life and as a result, YouTube/blogging slipped on list of priorities and I wasn't anywhere near as consistent as I would have liked. Now that things are more settled, that's going to change...

4) Progress in my professional life 
Although my work life does take up the majority of my time, I work hard and really enjoy what I do, so I want to make things bigger and better and just progress with what I'm doing.

5) Create kickass content
Content is a massive part of my day job, and considering how important my channel and my blog are to me, it would be silly not to implement that and create awesome content and lots of it. I'm working on my schedule right now and I've set myself a bunch of goals and I'm really excited to work towards them.
 2017 is going to be my YouTube/Blog year and I can't wait to kick things off!

6)  Engage more
My lack of work-life balance has resulted in me really struggling to stay engaged online, whether that's posting on Instagram, engaging with others on Twitter, or even liking/commenting on other people's content. I want to take a bit more time every day to work on this and become more involved in the blogging community.

7) Work towards a healthier lifestyle
A healthy lifestyle doesn't necessarily mean signing up to a gym membership or start training for a marathon - It's a mix of a healthy mindset as well as a healthy physical life. I want to improve my sleeping pattern, work on my dietary intake and increase my physical exercise. The smallest steps lead to a bigger difference in the long run and I want to be happier and confident within my self, both on the inside and out.

8) Read more
I genuinely enjoy reading, so it's a shame that I haven't made enough time to get caught up in a good book lately. This year, I want to read a lot more. Do you have any book recommendations?

9) Take more photos
Photography has always been something I've been passionate about and stupidly, I've not been taking anywhere near as many photos as I could've/should've/would've. I want to take lots more photos and captures lots more memories this year, whether the photos are of other people, scenery or even of myself.

10) Save up
A few extra pennies (or pounds) in the bank never hurt anybody. I want to seriously work on my frugality this year.

11) Be more spontaneous
Wouldn't it be nice to wake up once in a while and think 'let's do this today'...and actually do it?! Rather than spending lots of time planning things that usually fall through, I want to have the excitement of making spontaneous decisions and want to create awesome memories in the process.

12) Call the shots
Rather than taking a backseat and waiting for other people to make the first move, I want to be more proactive and the first step. Pushing ourselves to do something new could lead to so many new adventures. 

13) Learn conversational Spanish
I've always enjoyed learning languages and in December, I decided to randomly start learning Spanish and brush up on my French, and turns out I'm really enjoying it! I'd love to be conversational in Spanish by the end of the year, and potentially learn another language on the side!

14) Build my 2017 Happy Jar
The Happy Jar is something that I'm a massive advocate of and it basically works on the basis of collecting memories of whatever makes you happy, in the jar. This could be anything from an invitation from an awesome event you've been to, train/plane tickets from a special trip you've been on or even something random that reminds you of someone or something special. Then, at the end of the year, you can reflect on the wonderful memories the year had in store for you.

15) Get organised
I need to procrastinate less and organise myself to be a lot more productive outside of work and with my channel/blog. Now I have a beautiful, sparkly, rose gold planner to help me do so ^.^

16) Step out of the comfort zone
Whether it's clothing or make up, I think we're all guilty of owning a lot more than we actually wear. For example, I am a self confessed lipstick hoarder, yet I still reach for the same couple of shades. This year, I want to be a lot more adventurous with my personal style and make up choices, and even in general.

17)  Stay positive
Remember to see the silver lining in all the situations, make the most of them and live in the moment. Life's too short!

I hope 2017 is an amazing year for all of us! What goals/resolutions do you have in mind for the new year?


  1. Calling the shots has got to be my favourite one! 👌 oh and of course stay positive! You can do it girl 👊

  2. Thank you Eden! Let's make 2017 amazing!