Lush 'Don't Look At Me' Face Mask | Review

Loads of people love venturing into Lush for Bath Ballistics and Bubble Bars, which is great if you have a bath tub, but I don' I always find myself getting excited over new haircare, skincare or all-over-the-body products and somehow, I always end up near the fresh face masks!

Usually, I reach for 'Brazened Honey' or 'Oatifix', which are a treat for my dry and dull skin, but when I went in recently and spotted a bright blue face mask which I hadn't seen before, I couldn't resist and I had to have it!
The Don’t Look At Me face mask is a gorgeous, bright blue, rejuvenating mask filled with zingy Lemon Juice, to cleanse the skin and help even out skin tones, and Ground Rice, to exfoliate and smooth the skin. The mask also contains Grapefruit Oil, which helps to brighten the skin, and Organic Silken Tofu, which is full of vitamins and helps to moisture the skin and improve it's appearance.
Like other face masks from Lush, 'Don't Look At Me' is really rich in texture and a little bit goes a long way - you can get a good 5-6 uses from each tub, even with a generous layer.

I have absolutely fallen in love with this mask! I may have initially bought it for it's colour (...seriously, can you blame me?!) but I'm so glad I did because I've really been enjoying using it and my skin thanks me for it! Yes...I look and feel like a Smurf when I use it, but I love how refreshing it is on the skin and how fresh faced & fabulous I feel once I've rinsed it off!
If you want a pick-me-up and you're after a rejuvenating glow, it's definitely worth a try and can be purchased for £6.75!

Have you tried it yet? What were your thoughts?

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