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Skincare is so important and sometimes, sadly, it's something that people tend to overlook. Recently, I've decided to up my skincare game and something which I have been generally obsessed with over the last year or so is sheet masks. Although there are companies who have started to sell them here in the UK, sheet masks are usually harder to get hold of, which is why I tend to pick up some of my favourites from Sephora whenever I'm abroad.
To my surprise, when I was in Dubai a few months ago, Sephora had introduced a couple of new products to their skincare range, so I decided to pick up a couple of each and I thought I'd give you a quick low down.

The Mask Collection
Lotus mask : Moisturising and soothing
Lingzhi mask : Anti ageing and smoothing
Ginseng mask : Toning and revitalising
Pomegranate mask : Anti fatigue and energising
Rose mask : Ultra moisturising and brightening 
Pearl mask : Perfecting and brightening
Green tea mask : Mattifying and anti blemish
Honey mask : Nourishing and balancing

Types of masks
Sheet masks: 
Sheet masks are what I actually went into Sephora for. They're full face fiber masks, which are soaked in a gel solution (depending on what your skin type is and which sheet mask you go for) and all you do is remove it from the packaging and apply it onto your face. I'm not going to lie to you, it looks kind of scary, but trust me, my skin honestly thanks me for it whenever I use one. I picked up the nourishing and balancing Honey mask, and the toning and revitalising Ginseng one, which are a couple of my faves!
Eye masks: 
The Sephora eye masks are similar to the sheet masks, but they're cut to size for use under the eyes. These masks fit perfectly under the contour of your eyes and are used to refresh and revitalise the delicate skin around that area. It's kind of like putting cucumbers under your eyes, but it's fancy. Again, these masks come in all of the different formulas in the collection, so you can choose whichever one suits your needs the most. I decided to go for the Rose mask, to moisturise and brighten the area, and the Pomegranate mask, which is great for battling the look of fatigue.
Sleeping masks:
The sleeping masks might possibly be my new favourites. They're basically sheet masks, without the sheet! So essentially, it's the gel that the sheet masks are usually soaked in but they now come separate in their own little 8ml pots! I love these sleeping masks because they're so quick and easy to use and my skin loves to soak it in. Also, they're a lot more discrete to use (bear in mind that I like to travel with sheet masks so I can use them on long haul flights) and you don't look like a total zombie. To try them out, I picked up the Lotus sleeping mask, which is great for moisturising and soothing the skin, and the Pearl sleeping mask, which is used to even out the skin for a fresher and brighter look. 

 Overall, I'm obsessed with these masks. I love the variety! I think they work very well for my skin and they're inexpensive too! Have you tried any of these? What did you think?

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