Getting SVS Lashes | My Experience

My natural lashes have always been short and pretty straight, and for years, I've been compensating for my lack of lashes with liquid liner - I just feel naked without it.

So when the opportunity came up to get SVS* lashes with Nouveau Lashes in time for Eid, I was all over it!

I love Nouveau Lashes - I've been using their strip lashes for years and had their LVL Lash Enhancement in the past - they're so good at what they do and the quality of their products and services are bar none. So when they brought out their SVS lash treatment, I was really keen to give it a go in comparison to their LVL (Length, Volume and Lift) treatment and see the difference in my lashes.

SVS stands for Speed, Volume and Style and essentially, they are semi permanent eyelash extensions. I've always been apprehensive about eyelash extensions as they can be really damaging towards your natural lashes but Nouveau Lashes created SVS to provide eyelash extensions in a way that is conditioning and protective towards your natural lashes.

I had my SVS treatment at Shumailas, which is a chain of salons across Essex. I've had treatments at Shumailas before including my Dermalogica Biosurface Peel (review here) and my Nouveau Lashes LVL Lash Enhancement (review here), and have always had a great experience. The staff are always friendly, professional and attentive to my needs and are very good at what they do. I had my SVS treatment at their newly opened branch in Loughton, and the lash technician who carried out the treatment, Nadia, was amazing!

The SVS treatment works by isolating individual lashes using tweezers, and then applying individual eyelash extensions to your natural lashes. After the treatment, a conditioning serum is applied to your lashes to keep them protected and healthy.

You can go for either an open eye or a feline look with the SVS treatment, but I went for something called 'Russian Volume', which are thicker and more voluminous. Although they are more dramatic that I would usually go for, I got my SVS treatment done in time for Eid so went for really glamorous lashes for the occasion.

Here's a brief summary of the treatment:

Effect: Volume, Length
Best Results For: Short, straight lashes
Length of treatment : 45 minutes to 2 hours (depending on your natural lashes and the look you want to achieve
Aftercare : Stay away from water and steam for 24 hours, comb through with a mascara wand daily and avoid oil based products.
Infills needed? : Every 3-4 weeks if desired
How long do they last? : 6-8 weeks
Cost : Starts from £55, but prices vary depending on the salon and the location

Thank you Nouveau Lashes and Shumailas for my SVS lashes - I love them! 

For more information on Shumaila's eyelash treatments, check out the following link:

Have you tried any lash treatments lately? If so, which ones and how did you get on with them?

Disclaimer : This post contains PR samples. Anything marked with a * was either sent or gifted to me by companies to try out and possibly review. I only accept products that I think I will use, and that I only mention things that I would actually recommend to you. All opinions are 100% my own.

Stepping into Spring

The clocks have gone forward and by the looks of it, there are lots of sunny days ahead (fingers crossed). To celebrate the arrival of the new season, I'm going for a slightly different post today where I show you how I'm switching up my wardrobe to get ready to step into Spring.

As much as I'm trying to incorporate more colour into my wardrobe, I love a good LBD, so I decided to pair this dress from Primark with some of this year's SS17 trends to put together an outfit ready for the warmer weather.

Although the outfit is simple, from the floral embroidery on the dress to the white Lottie* bag from Koko Couture's Spring collection, I love the details that pull this look together. 

When deciding which accessories to pair with this almost all black outfit, I knew I wanted to be a bit playful and add some personality to this look. Just as I was switching up for wardrobe for Spring, Koko Couture got in touch and kindly asked me if I'd like to try out of the bags from their new Spring collection and honestly, I was spoilt for choice - the collection is beautiful!

Koko Couture Lottie

Typically, I'm someone who goes for black bags because they go with everything, but after seeing the collection from Koko Couture, I was inspired to go for something different. I went for the Lottie* clutch which retails at £18. This soft faux leather bag contains one main compartment but has a small zip pocket as well as two small pockets on the inside. What I love about this bag is that it's versatile, you can either wear it as a clutch, or you can attach the detach gold chain strap it comes with for more practical wear. Although I went for a white bag, the Lottie comes in various different colours and you can find it (with many others from the Spring collection) here, as well as in store in some Topshop stores.

Koko Couture Lottie

I finished off the outfit with my beloved Cartier Santos 100 which has beautiful baby pink leather strap, black chelsea boots and my blue denim jacket because it's not warm enough to go without one yet. 

That's all from me for now. I hope you enjoyed this post - I know it's a bit different but if you'd like to see more fashion related posts, let me know.
 A massive thank you to Koko Couture for letting me style this lovely bag, and to Anneka from for helping me with the pictures! 

How are you stepping into Spring? Are there any trends you're currently loving?

Disclaimer : This post contains PR samples. Anything marked with a * was either sent or gifted to me by companies to try out and possibly review. I only accept products that I think I will use, and that I only mention things that I would actually recommend to you. All opinions are 100% my own.